10 Unique Bars from around the World

Here at Coyotes, we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our business with fresh ideas. We’ll scour the web every once in awhile to see what the rest of the world is doing. This week we found some really crazy Unique Bars from all over the world that we said we’d really have to share with you guys. Nothing that we could implement in Galway out of lack of skyscrapers and such but interesting ideas nontheless. So here’s our Tuesday post guys, enjoy!


Lebua Sky Bar – Bangkok

Lebua’s Sky Bar soars high above the city 820 feet in the air. That’s 62 stories up! Lebua is known for being the leaders in innovation in cocktails among the bars of bangkok. They created the poptail (cocktail/popsicle) and also the Hangovertiny. The Hangovertiny was actually created for the cast of the Hangover 2 because the hung out at the Sky Bar so much while filming in the city. You can find a link to their site here!


Lebua Bar Image



Enigma – Romania

Enigma is apparently ‘the world’s first kinetic steampunk bar.’ Opening just last October, Enigma has already gone pretty viral and is getting a lot of attention. A slightly terrifying humanoid robot with a plasma lamp cranium bicycles by the door, and a variety of kinetic artworks churn and rotate on both the ceiling and walls. It certainly looks amazing! You can find their website here, it is in Romanian but at least you can see all the images and they have a video to so you can see everything moving about!


Enigma Image



Hotel De Glace – Quebec

Hotel De Glace is actually an entire hotel made of ice. This thing only exists from January to March and melts in the Summer. The whole hotel is ice, even most of the furniture. There’s fur thrown over everything and brilliant lighting to give a surreal Nordic experience. You can check out their website here for more information, make sure to bring a jacket!


Ice Bar Image



Subsix – India

Subsix is a beautiful underwater bar on an island of the coast of India (Niyama). You have to take a boat from Niyama to get to Subsix. Once there you can descend 3 stories into their underwater bar. This place is visually amazing and is now on our bucket list! You can find more info here.


SubSix Image



Cybermachina – Poland

Off the beaten track, Cybermachina isn’t obvious from the street. Descend into this dungeon bar and you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained. It’s a video game themed bar and there’s systems in every room including virtual reality kits. They also have plenty of board games. You can find more information on this oddity here!


CyberMachina Image




Alux Caverna – Mexico

This one is actually inside a 10,000 year old cave which is hugely impressive. Alux Caverna is located in a cave/cenote which is just outside of the center of Playa Del Carmen. This should be on any explorers to do list. You can find more information on Alux here!


Alux Caverna Image



Anonymous Bar – Prague

Anyone who’s heard of Anonymous or seen V for Vendetta will appreciate this one. There’s an Anonymous themed bar in Prague where all the staff wear the masks. This bar also remakes it’s cocktail menu every year so they’ll probably have some interesting Concoctions. You can find more information on this bar here!


Anonymous Bar Image



Wind & Water – Vietnam

Sitting on a lake in Vietnam we find this beauty. Wind & Water is entirely made of thatch and has been engineered to be ventilated by lake. There are holes around the structure on the bottom and an exhaust on the to encourage a breeze inside. You also have to cross the lake on stepping stones for extra awesomness. You can find more information on Wind & Water here!


Wind & Water Image



H.R. Giger Bar – Switzerland

H.R. Giger is an artist best known for designing ‘Alien.’ He has tons of other art that’s clearly loved by this bar owner. The whole bar is dedicated to Gigers art. You can find vertebrae all along the roof and all manners of bizarre sculpture around this venue. For more information click here.


H.R. Giger Bar



Hotel Edelweiss – Austria

Hidden between the Northern and Southern Alps, there is a magnificent mountain, La Meije. Its peak of 3983 metres dominates the little village of La Grave. Auberge Edelweiss is a favourite address with bon-vivant skiers and cyclists. It is a privately owned centuries old coaching inn, situated in the heart of the 12th century village of La Grave, off the main road, and is less than 5 minutes walk from the “Téléphérique”. For more information click here!


Auberge Edelweiss Image



We hope you enjoyed taking a peak at these as much as we did. If you know about any bars we missed please send them to us!

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