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After digging around the web for some ideas for our own menu we came across several great ideas and trends we we’re spotting. 2016 in Galway has seen a rise in interest in flashy cocktails over the last year. Several mixolgy contests gaining popularity among local bar-staff. So let’s dig into it, here’s 5 mixolgy trends in 2016!



Alcohol Ice-cubes:

It’s common knowledge among bartenders and mixologists that you can’t freeze spirits in you average freezer. Alcohol has a much lower freezing point than water so putting a spirit in the freezer won’t get you ice. It may however get a bit slushy if it has a lower alcohol percentage. There is something new on the market though. You can buy special freezers now with a much colder lower temperature which will freeze spirits giving us an ingredient we’ve all been dying to use in our drinks; alcoholic Ice that won’t make your drink watery. Many American bars are already adopting these machines and I suspect it will slowly become a staple in bars. You can find more info on these machines here! Careful though. They cool liquids far below zero which means you can’t put the ice straight into your mouth.

Alco Ice Machine Image



Ever wanted a cocktail but been the designated driver? A trend that’s currently sweeping over the western world is ‘mocktails’: Tastes like a cocktail, but is non alcoholic. Now some may argue this is basically a smoothie. However mocktails are mixed to taste like cocktails and a specifically styled after the traditional recipes. These are great for people on a strict diet, pregnant women, or as stated already, designated drivers.

Mocktail Image


Nitro Coffees:

We’re well used to our Irish coffees here, so having alcohol with our caffeinated drinks isn’t the most outlandish idea to us. A new spin on the idea however is popping up and showing it’s head in cafes. Nitro coffee is basically an ice coffee without the ice. Nitrogen gas is infused into it and its released through a draft system. It comes out very similar looking to a Guinness and even shares its creamy character. The coffee comes in kegs without alcohol but it’s been a huge ingredient for experimentation with mixologists this year. In Krust in Dublin they’ve started offering these coffees.

NitroCoffee Image

Kombucha Juice:

Go to most bars and you’ll most likely have 3 types of juice on offer. Pineapple, Cranberry and orange. The more adventurous bars have started stocking something more exotic for some stranger cocktails. Kombucha juice, even if it’s under the radar is rearing its head in some of the flashier venues this year. Bound to be a rare and unusual ingredient in your mix, it’s definitely something worth checking out!

Kombucha Juice Image



Hopefully our bartending readers will get something interesting out of this to try in the locals, talk soon guys!

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